Trainer and Consultant for Empower™

From 2006 to 2018, I worked for a service company based in Berlin as a consultant and trainer for the the Empower™ software.

ITIL user support for Empower™ network installations

Creating custom calculations through reports and custom fields

Validation of computer systems according to GAMP5

Qualifying Empower™ users, administrators, and lab management, as well as training Empower™ consultants

Regular conduction of Empower™ seminars at well-known pharmaceutical companies in Germany and Switzerland

Participation in Empower™ Rollout Projects

Coaching and hands-on training

Troubleshooting of communication error for chromatographic instruments connected to Empower™ (device connection, LAC/E troubleshooting)

Insight into the Empower™ reality at numerous customers in the pharmaceutical field, from the personal workstation to the global network

Analyst in the Pharmaceutical Laboratory

2 years experience in pharmaceutical development at Eli Lilly in Hamburg

5 years experience in pharmaceutical development at Ferring Pharmaceuticals in Kiel and Copenhagen

cromingo e.k., Fusion, Empower, Trainer, ingo green

Expert for CSV, Empower™ and Fusion QbD®

In 2018, I started my own business as a consultant and trainer for the Empower™ software. In addition to advising and implementing all Empower ™ topics, my offer has shifted its focus to validating Empower™ installations. The offer is supplemented by the implementation of AQbD using the Fusion QbD® software, for which cromingo® officially represents the S-Matrix® Corporation in the german-speaking region and neighbored countries.


My Self-Conception as a Consultant and Trainer

My goal is to build a long-term, co-operative relationship with my customers. Openness, commitment, trust, seriousness and real interest in the concerns of my customers are therefore a matter of course for me. Only together we can achieve the best possible results, pragmatically, but without losing sight of sustainability.

The wishes of my customers have the highest priority. My self-concept as a consultant is to give you a broader basis for decision-making, not to implement my ideas. Having all the information on an issue the customer can make the best possible decision for himself.

My self-conception as a trainer is to provide the training content in the best possible and target group specific way through didactical preparation of the covered subject matters.

The success of my clients is also my success. Let us be successful together!

Partnership & Cooperation

Networking is the Key to Success

You can not know or implement everything yourself. Therefore, I rely on a strong networking with other service providers, vendors and customers in the industry. The contacts I have built will be a benefit for my clients as well. Wherever it makes sense, one can also enter into strategic cooperations.

S-Matrix® Corporation

As a service and distribution partner of S-Matrix® Corporation, cromingo® offers purchase, support, training and qualification for the Fusion QbD® software in the DACH region and neighbored countries.

cromingo e.k., Fusion, Empower, Trainer, s-matrix


Waters Empower™

  • Qualifying Staff

    standardized seminars

    on-site courses at customer sites

    workshops and tailor-made seminars

    hands-on training: coaching in everyday working life

  • Consultancy

    data integrity in Empower: features and definition of data review procedures

    development of training concepts

    electronic signature

    device control

    configuration of Empower™

    concept for the use of custom fields

    validation concepts based on applicable regulatory guidelines (GAMP5)

  • CSV & Compliance

    development and validation of custom fields

    configuration of Empower™

    concept for the use of custom fields

    development of training concepts

    develop and build Empower operating procedures

    jobs of any kind where resources with Empower™ expertise are required

    creation of validation documents for the entire validation lifecycle of a computerized system

Fusion QbD®

  • Software und Services

    instruction & support

    distributorship for Fusion QbD® (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and neighbored countries)

    installation & qualification


More than twenty pharmaceutical companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in neighboring European countries now trust in cromingos' liability. It is also due to this liability that our customers are not mentioned here without their consent. Nevertheless, selected case studies should be published here in consultation with the respective customer.

Show Cases

  • Aristo Pharma GmbH (Berlin) - May 2019 - June 2020

    cromingo e.k., Fusion, Empower, Trainer, Aristo

    Implementation of an Empower 3 Enterprise network - consolidation of previously independent Empower instances for four sites of the Aristo Pharma Group into a single central instance

    Workshop on current data integrity standards and concrete application to the Empower network (administration, user management, validation lifecycle concept)

    Preparation of the entire validation records according to GAMP5 rules (plans, user requirements, specifications, risk analysis, user acceptance tests, reports)

    Discussion, elaboration and construction of the Empower 3 configuration based on the specific customer requirements. (system policies, user management, project filing structure)

    Preparation of IOQ documents and supervision of the installation of the Empower 3 core system to ensure GMP-compliant implementation

    Planning and creation of all test cases to validate the Empower 3 computer system

    Conceptional planning for data migration, archiving and decommissioning of legacy systems

  • Medinova AG (Zürich) - June 2018 - February 2019

    cromingo e.k., Fusion, Empower, Trainer, medinova

    1. Implementation of an Empower Workgroup

    Creation of the entire validation documentation according to GAMP5 (plan, URS, specifications, risk analysis, user acceptance tests, reports)

    Configuration of Empower (Policies & User Management)

    Coordinate the implementation into the AWS Cloud

    Planning and execution of user acceptance tests

    Planning and performance of data migration

    Updating of all operational SOPs and establishment of current data integrity standards

    Knowledge transfer about GxP-compliant CSV

    2. Planning and execution of a CAPA measure


"We also appreciate your teaching skills. That's why we always like to call on you"

"We are very happy that we have you as a coach. With you we know our employees in good hands"

"I admire the angelic patience that you have with less skilled participants"

"I really enjoyed working with you. I look forward to working with you again and will be happy to recommend you"