System Policies

  • audit trail definition
  • user management
  • permissions
  • organization of Empower projects


  • defining processes
  • operation manual
  • technical and functional support

Custom Fields and Reports

  • concept for administration and validation
  • mapping custom field libraries
  • master templates
  • design of universally applicable fields and report templates

Talking about Custom Calculations

To map custom calculations in Empower requires a high level of expertise. It's not enough just to work on custom field formulas. You also have to understand which formulas are already present in the Empower software and how the interplay of presets in the Sample Set and settings in the Processing Method work. How can you Use the existing Impurity function sensibly, what settings are required to determine the suitability of the system? Anyone who has ever started to deal with this issue, will quickly realize that there is a lot of literature to sift through this and much will be brought to you only by your own experience. In addition, Empower is not free of errors that, even if reported, must first be learned how to get handled.

Finally, the whole thing must be mapped in a report.

Get someone to help you with this professionally. This saves your resources and you can be sure that your needs have been sustainably translated into Empower.

I not only educate you, I can also take care of the implementation myself or we discuss a concept that enables you to make later adjustments yourself.

The implementation must be done according to GMP specifications? No problem, that's what I'm familiar with!

Just contact me for further questions. Then we can clarify how I can best help you.