ingo green

Expert for CSV, Empower™ and Fusion QbD®

In 2018, I started my own business as a consultant and trainer for the Empower™ software. In addition to advising and implementing all Empower ™ topics, my offer has shifted its focus to validating Empower™ installations. The offer is supplemented by the implementation of AQbD using the Fusion QbD® software, for which cromingo® officially represents the S-Matrix® Corporation in the german-speaking region and neighbored countries.

Trainer and Consultant for Empower™

From 2006 to 2018, I worked for a service company based in Berlin as a consultant and trainer for the the Empower™ software.

  • ITIL user support for Empower™ network installations
  • Creating custom calculations through reports and custom fields
  • Validation of computer systems according to GAMP5
  • Qualifying Empower™ users, administrators, and lab management, as well as training Empower™ consultants
  • Regular conduction of Empower™ seminars at well-known pharmaceutical companies in Germany and Switzerland
  • Participation in Empower™ Rollout Projects
  • Coaching and hands-on training
  • Troubleshooting of communication error for chromatographic instruments connected to Empower™ (device connection, LAC/E troubleshooting)
  • Insight into the Empower™ reality at numerous customers in the pharmaceutical field, from the personal workstation to the global network

Analyst in the Pharmaceutical Laboratory

  • 2 years experience in pharmaceutical development at Eli Lilly in Hamburg
  • 5 years experience in pharmaceutical development at Ferring Pharmaceuticals in Kiel and Copenhagen