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cromingo® is a consulting and trade company, which has set itself the goal of supporting customers in the implementation of high quality standards for the analytical pharmaceutical laboratory. Numerous pharmaceutical companies in German-speaking countries and abroad are already part of the company's established clientele.

Implementation, validation and operational support of laboratory data systems, in particular for the chromatographic analysis, and the lifecycle management of analytical methods according to AQbD approaches are among the core competencies of the business.

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Practical Approach Book: HPLC optimal einsetzen

Read about Fusion QbD in this year's practical approach book from Stavros Kromidas on HPLC method optimization. I am grateful for the opportunity to have made my own contribution to this book.

English editon ins available in June: Optimization in HPLC

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Change of name to cromingo e.K.

In April 2018 cromingo was founded as a freelance sole proprietorship. As the commercial part of the business grew significantly, it was time to change the company's legal form and make an entry in the commercial register. As a result, the name of the business had to be adapted. From January 2021, the company is now operating as cromingo e.K. .

Fusion QbD® - The inimitable AQbD Software

State of the Art Software for the Development and Validation of Chromatography Methods - 100% QbD alligned (ICH Q8(R2)

S-Matrix’s Fusion QbD® Software for LC Method Development and Validation – a comprehensive integration of chromatography centric and advanced statistical tools in an automated platform. The program has one-click experimental design (DOE), extremely precise chromatography centric modeling, comprehensive robustness simulation, and powerful new automated peak tracking and chromatogram visualization.

Fusion QbD includes a complete method validation experiment suite, provides full bi-directional experiment automation with the ChemStation, Chromeleon, and Empower Chromatography Data Software, and fully supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Fusion QbD can also be configured with modules for Formulation and Process Development, and Respiratory Drug R&D and QC.

Product Information
cromingo e.k., Fusion, Empower, Trainer,

Method Lifecycle Management mit Fusion QbD

Fusion QbD Product Presentation, Annual Virtual Symposium Analytical Quality by Design, Richard Verseput, 2021

CSV aligned with GAMP5

Validation of Laboratory Software.

USP 1058 requires a risk-based approach for the qualification of laboratory equipment. This is well understood in every GMP laboratory an not worth mentioning, but is usually not sufficient if the device is connected to a software system, which not only generates data, but also stores them in the long term. For the validation of the computer system the USP guideline gives little hints, here the GAMP5 provided by the ISPE offers orientation. At the same time, questions about compliance with data integrity are coming to the fore. cromingo has specialized in the validation of laboratory systems in chemical analysis, in particular Empower™, and can assist as a consultant, but also with the execution of the actual validation tasks.


Regional Representation for Fusion QbD®, Training, Consulting, Service, Distribution

ICH compliant. automated. should not be missed in any analytical development department

As a service and distribution partner of S-Matrix® Corporation, cromingo® offers purchase, support, training and qualification for the S-Matrix® Fusion QbD® Software Platform in the DACH region and neighbored countries. cromingo® is your official point of contact for the Fusion software deployed for use with Waters™ Empower™ in german-speaking countries in all aspects.

Fusion QbD®

Where can cromingo support?

Portfolio at a Glance

With over 13 years of experience in the consultancy for Waters Empower™, you can rely on experience and expertise. Whether training, support with all questions of the operation, data integrity, audit trail review, creation of custom fields and reports, configuration or validation, with cromingo you are at the right address. We support you by advisory capacity, but can also implement it ourself.

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Networking is the Key to Success

Thanks to a long-standing market presence, cromingo can draw on an extensive network. So solutions for our customers can also be found through cooperation with other partners.


Fusion QbD cromingo Region

In 2018 cromingo took over the representation for the Fusion Software, with which you can now have your competent regional contact person. Follow the resulting rapid distribution of the software year by year:

Fusion QbD Sponsorship

Participate in our Academic Sponsorship Program for Universities and Academic Institutions.

Obtain software licenses at significantly cheaper terms. For purely scientific use, the software and a support & maintenance agreement can be obtained free of charge for 12 months. For the following years, only costs for the support & maintenance agreement will apply. From the fourth year, the annual licenses can be converted into permanent licenses.

For commercial use of the software, academic institutions can be purchased the software with a discount of 50% at the list price.

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