Our Business

Since its foundation in 2018 Cromingo acts as a service and distribution partner for S-Matrix® Corporation. We offer sales, support, training and qualification for the S-Matrix Fusion QbD software platform in Central Europe with a special focus on German speaking countries. Thus, we want to be your direct point of contact for the Fusion QbD software in this region covering all aspects and services for the software in close collaboration with the vendor.

Ingo Green

Owner & Managing Consultant
With more than 25 years of Empower CDS experience in the operation, administration, configuration, installation, validation and troubleshooting support both on application and consultancy level our customers can expect the highest skill level with the desired quality outcome of his consultancy services. As an acknowledged Empower trainer with many years of experience from numerous customers in the pharmaceutical industry, our customers enjoy the direct contact and know that they can rely on his expertise.


Cromingo e.K.

Klosterufer 2

24582 Bordesholm


Mail: info@cromingo.com

Web: www.cromingo.com