Fusion QbD®

S-Matrix Fusion QbD® - The only software that combines chromatography modelling and DoE* in a single tool. Adopt ICH Q2(R2) and Q14 now, and get ready for Analytical Procedure Lifecycle Management (APLM) with Fusion QbD:

As a service and distribution partner of S-Matrix® Corporation, we offer sales, support, training and qualification for the Fusion QbD software platform in Central Europe with a special focus on German speaking countries.

Thus, we want to be your direct point of contact for the Fusion QbD software in this region covering all aspects and services for the software in close collaboration with the vendor.

* Design of Experiments (DoE, German: Statistische Versuchsplanung) is a method for planning experiments that assumes that all experimental results are overlaid by unavoidable random errors. In contrast to other chromatographic modelling approaches, the random errors are taken into account using statistical methods not only during the evaluation, but also during the experimental planning. DoE is designed to obtain maximum information with minimal experimentation. It is the only universal method by which it is possible to determine interactions and for specifically finding an optimum in the system.

Professional CDS Services

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With more than 20 years of experience in Waters Empower, we can guarantee  high quality CDS services  and the provision of best solutions to solve the challenges you are faced with in your daily business.

Winning Team

Since 2018 Cromingo serves as a bridghead in Central Europe for S-Matrix Corporation, the vendor of the Fusion QbD software platform, who is located in Northern California.
Our common goal was and still is that Fusion QbD customers in Central Europe and especially in German speaking countries have a direct and competent regional contact and can get the same quality of services for Fusion QbD during common business hours and in local language as if they contact S-Matrix directly.
Since then we have developed a trustworthy and reliable partnership. All Fusion QbD customers in the region of scope, no matter where they have purchased the software, will finally get direct support by Cromingo, as we are the only service provider in this region having the according product expertise.