External Experience & Expertise in Waters Empower 3TM

Are you planning for an Empower 3 project and you do not want to risk reinventing the wheel? All Empower customers ask similar questions. We are happy to lead your project to success with or expertise. We can support your project with expert advice on all Empower topics, e.g.:

Reach the next level of Empower expertise for your team

Employee Qualification, Consultancy Support and Coaching. Flexible Collaboration Models.

Cromingo as partner for all your Empower3 topics .

Empower3 isn’t a system, that can be learned within a few weeks. Getting experienced in using the full potential of the software is a journey. But often resources for continuing this journey are missing  and laboratories need to be satisfied with light solutions, still using other systems for the entire evaluation of studies and analytical test procedures. Trying to find out an advanced solution in Empower often turns out to claim a disproportionately large amount of resources, when the respective expertise is missing.

With more than 20  years of experience in Waters Empower both from the operational and consultancy perspective we can help out, providing the solutions you really need and solving the challenges you are facing in your daily business.

Whether there is a need for an entire workshops on specific topics or you just need consultancy support on a single task, Cromingo is the right address whenever deep expertise in Waters Empower is required.

We can either schedule an event onsite or agree on a consultancy budget, from which support can be used whenever it is really needed.

Reach the next level of Empower expertise for your team with Cromingo as partner for all your Empower3 topics .

Get in touch with us, if you want to discuss your specific requirements in order to find out, if Cromingo can also be your partner of first choice.


Numerous pharmaceutical companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in neighboring European countries now trust in our liability.

It is also due to this liability that our customers are not mentioned here without their consent. Nevertheless, selected case studies should be published here in consultation with the respective customer.

Show Cases

  • Implementation of an Empower 3 Enterprise network – consolidation of previously independent Empower instances for four sites of the Aristo Pharma Group into a single central instance
  • Workshop on current data integrity standards and concrete application to the Empower network (administration, user management, validation lifecycle concept)
  • Preparation of the entire validation records according to GAMP5 rules (plans, user requirements, specifications, risk analysis, user acceptance tests, reports)
  • Discussion, elaboration and construction of the Empower 3 configuration based on the specific customer requirements. (system policies, user management, project filing structure)
  • Preparation of IOQ documents and supervision of the installation of the Empower 3 core system to ensure GMP-compliant implementation
  • Planning and creation of all test cases to validate the Empower 3 computer system
  • Conceptional planning for data migration, archiving and decommissioning of legacy systems

  • Implementation of an Empower Workgroup
    • Creation of the entire validation documentation according to GAMP5 (plan, URS, specifications, risk analysis, user acceptance tests, reports)
    • Configuration of Empower (Policies & User Management)
    • Coordinate the implementation into the AWS Cloud
    • Planning and execution of user acceptance tests
    • Planning and performance of data migration
    • Updating of all operational SOPs and establishment of current data integrity standards
    • Knowledge transfer about GxP-compliant CSV
  • Planning and execution of a CAPA measure
  • Ongoing support and transfer of entire evaluation of analytical procedures to Empower (Processing Methods, Reports and Custom Fields)
  • Consultancy during Empower 3 upgrade in 2023

Steady Empower 3 training and support partnership